LIfe begins after 50?! Oh yes!

Life in the 'middle ages' isn't at all what I grew up expecting. I don't have white hair (I only color once a month), my teeth haven't fallen out, I can still get into my worn old comfortable jeans ( they may have stretched a little), I can navigate through the WII Fit (because I chose a male trainer) without falling off the WII board more than twice, and my hot flashes are not so bad (during the day at least). I admit that the backsides of my thighs have those darn crinkly wrinkles from that stuff they call cellulite, but at least my bust size has increased (probably due to the new underwire wonder for saggy women).

Other than is good. My husband has a Harley and I have become a 'Harley Babe'. I even have a Harley leather jacket! Ok, I admit I found it a Goodwill, but you can barely see the worn-through spots and I used a Sharpie to correct the spelling of 'Harlay' on the back. But riding on the back of a hog is exciting and once I figured out to put my scarf on the inside of my jacket instead of tied in a bow around the neck of my coat, I stayed pretty warm and I didn't have welt marks from the scarf slapping my face. That was a plus.

I've decided to go back to college to complete a degree I started in 1976. Hurray! Online classes no less. How hard can they be? Taking 8 credit hours should be a piece of cake. After all, I have a ton of life experience to draw from, right? It only took me forty hours to setup my D2L mailbox. For some reason, my name kept appearing as Lunee instead of Laura. At least it was close. I remember my first online discussion question post. It read: "Hello everyone! Please note that my name is Laura, not Lunee as listed above. I am excited to be on this adventure with you but I must admit, I will need to burn the midnight oil to complete the work on time. I hope you all have a great class." I did not have to wait long for a response. Lynn224 replied "Wow. I didn't know those kind of lamps still existed. Where do you get the oil from?" I thought about explaining, but nah. I replied "Walmart of course."

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Blessings on your day! Laura Hern

Living on the wild side!

Living on the wild side!
"Boss Hog"

Sunday, April 3, 2011

What's swirling inside my brain......

What's swirling inside my brain this early April afternoon? Colors...neon colors to be precise. Greens, royal blues, yellows, and lots of purple. Where can one go to find answers as to why the centrifuge of colors is filling my little brain? The net of course!! Using my handy-dandy Google search bar, I have discovered thousands of possibilities, all within 1 second of hitting the 'enter'tab. First on the list...I'm psychic (or psychotic as that was the second choice). I'm afraid I don't solve mysteries or find hidden bodies for NCIS and as far as psychotic--the only hallucinations I'm having is looking out the front room window and trying to turn snow in to green grass. But most people in Minnesota do that around this time of the year anyway.

Third on the list that the all-knowing-search guru chakras are out of balance. If that is the case, I am going to get a refund down at the Quicky Lube because I had my tires rotated yesterday and they should have balanced those chakras thingies too!

Fourth....I may be full of windorphins. Now I have been known to talk quite a bit and be a litte 'windy' sometimes, but I have never been accused of dorphing! I could not stop my fingers from probing this idea and so I quickly typed 'windorphins, definition'. Seems windorphins are fake chemical reactions that produce endorphins when you win too many online auctions. Hey! Who is monitoring my ebay history anyway??? Guess it's time to change my buyer I.D. That should take care of that.

The Internet gave me pages and pages and pages of possible reasons why my mind has these neon colors swirling around in my brain. My favorite one? A researcher had done a study to determine if eating crayola crayons would color a child's perception (and their teeth no doubt). This was a national project where he studied 500 children who regularly ate crayons. It seems red, black, and blue were the favorites. Hmmm...maybe I'm in the wrong business.

My solution choice? Guess I'd better stop following the 'playdough' diet! :-)